Silver Filigree Butterfly Ring


Make a whimsical stattement with this filigree butterfly ring. 


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This Butterfly ring is bold in its size, whimsical in its nature and beautiful in its intricacy.  What sets this style of filigree apart from other filigree styles? The filling!  Rather than making a whole section of frame one after another, using tightly packed coils, I painstakingly cut each and every piece to size and shape it to fit it into the piece to create a tension setting that allows me to turn the piece over and use a special solder from the back that shows off the detail rather than floods it. I start with a basic design in mind and then go by sight and feel with where each tiny filler piece should go. It’s a lot like putting a puzzle together. As such, each piece is uniquely different and one of a kind.

Each ring is custom made so yours may look slightly different than the ones pictured. Just like a butterfly, no 2 are identical.

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